Hi my name is Shane Schantz. I am a full time graphic designer and lover of everything beautiful from graphics to architecture. I am from the land of Billings, Montana and have been designing for over three years, picking up new hobbies along the way. 
Professional Career
I starting designing as a junior in high school with a pirated version of Adobe Illustrator. Many tutorials later and a subscription to Creative Cloud I started at Mojo Graphics in Billings doing design work. I went to Bozeman for design school then came back to Billings a year later and got an internship at Faith Chapel. Faith is the largest church in Montana and one of the leading Christian creative arts and technology backed institutions in the United States. I went back to Mojo Graphics full time in December of 2017 as a printer and a designer and have since been responsible for the Mojo branding direction and physical advertising.
What I Use
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
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