At Faith Chapel we separate sermons by series which can last for weeks or months. Below are concepts and final designs for the overlying graphics. They have to pertain to the subject matter of the series and look solid and strong.
All In. With these graphics we had to portray what it meant to be 'All In' with Christianity.
Below is the final design that became the All In graphic. Orange because it is the color of adventure. Grit background texture for the difficulty of task. Simple and clean.
Below is the final graphic for a Timothy Series for a smaller ministry within the church. The torch represents the perseverance of Timothy himself.
Below is the final graphic for the Happy Birthday series from the same ministry as the Timothy Series. This displays a vectorized interpretation of a manger.
Below are the concepts for the Redefine Series. The series talks about changing your perspective of separated sections of daily life and the spiritual. It suggests that these sections of life should live in harmony. The eye exam graphic eventually was picked for this series.

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